riseINSIGHT: Unveiling your Company’s Fingerprint

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How to gain the attention of high potentials? By your company’s individual fingerprint!

When the lack of skilled workforce increases and the job market is turning upside down, it is time to act. Employer branding is the name of the game.

Discovering a company’s uniqueness from the inside is not an easy task. As HR consultants, we get to know many companies from the inside. That makes it is easy for us to recognize the individual characteristics of workplace environments and put them in the right words: Convincing and razor-sharp messages for your target audience, summarizing the individual and unique fingerprint of your company.


An Innovative Approach for a Strong Employer Brand

We present your employer brand in a unique way:

  • Plenty of information about your company, wrapped in exciting stories
  • Authentic messages, provided through multimedia insights
  • Exciting details and everyday business in an entertaining format

As riseINSIGHT is so new and fascinating, we call it attracting candidates rather than recruiting.  We deploy it using an innovative toolkit:

  • Storytelling is our favourite format. Small stories from workaday life present workplace details, colleagues and career opportunities in an emphatic, impressive and sustainable manner.
  • Multimedia is entertaining – and informative. Authentic photo and video impressions are strong messengers, also in between the lines. As nothing is stronger than authentic everyday pictures, we are happy to use available amateur photos.  

riseINSIGHT uses strong Inbound Marketing messages, tailored specifically to meet the needs of companys and their target audience. This cost-cutting approach makes riseINSIGHT extremely efficient, compared to conventional Employer Branding.


DirectSEARCH: Hiring Success, Straight Ahead

Mitarbeitergewinnung – For Employers en

Job ads are the best way to approach and attract new employees. This is true as long as the number of professionals who are prepared to move on is sufficiently high. But the demographic change has reshaped the labour market completely. Thereore, it is no surprise that proven recruitment methods no longer apply. As hiring projects tend to take longer and longer, vacant key positions are an increasing threat to business success, positioning HR as most crucial entrepreneurial activity.

This is where DirectSEARCH comes into play: Approaching your target audience on your behalf, we generate interest and raise curiosity in the offer. In conjunction with the riseINSIGHT employer profile, DirectSEARCH ensures a dramatically lower bounce rate in the recruiting process, resulting in more timely and sustainable hiring success.


Finding the Needle in a Haystack

The search for the right employee resembles the search for the famous pin in a haystack. As time is probably the most crucial aspect in hiring, we developed a strategy that allows us to smartly narrow the efforts early in the process, this generating hiring success more quickly.

Behind this successful approach is the Persona concept, a strategy known from inbound marketing. We have adapted this concept to our market over a three-year test phase. This resulted in a thorough channel selection and a target audience-specific approach and analysis. Today, our customers benefit from short project cycles and an accurate candidate selection: placement quotas significantly above average result from this approach.

Our competence analysis is based on a structured and non-rasterizing questionnaire. Subsequent analysis results are transferred to a structured candidate profile, ensuring easy comparison of candidates presented. Candidates that apply directly to the HR department can be included in our evaluation process upon request.


Designed to Suit all needs

To meet the requirements of all companies, we offer DirectSEARCH in three different shapes:

  • ExecutiveSEARCH designed to meet high confidentiality requirements
  • DirectSEARCH for time-critical staffing projects
  • DirectSEARCH SME a cost-efficient alternative designed for SME and startups


Candidate Profiles, Strikingly Different

Mitarbeitergewinnung – For Employers en

Waiting for the ideal candidate is hardly an option, when the number of available professionals and well-educated juniors is decreasing. As the demographic change hits the job market hard, discovering candidate potentials becomes a must. It requires some courage to count on potential in the staffing process.

Staffing decisions are risk decisions. This risk that can never be ruled out, because human performance depends on many factors. Fortunately, human beings possess a very special characteristic: we can compensate and even overcompensate weaknesses and deficits in one area through strengths on the other. When motivation and enthusiasm are present, an almost limitless willingness to perform arises. It is the basis of entrepreneurial success, the germ cell of innovation and growth.

On this insight, the approach of the rise Personalberatung has emerged. In addition to riseINSIGHT and DirectSEARCH, the riseDOSSIER is the third pillar our innovative recruitment approach is based on.


Founding solid staffing decisions

Comprehensibility, comparability and an in-depth assessment of a staffing project’s specifics were the key quality criteria behind riseDOSSIER. We know that no one can judge the suitability of a candidate for a vacant position better than our customers do; our aim is facilitating this decision. Therefore, we incorporate your individual selection criteria into riseDOSSIER. This creates a valid, project-specific decision-making template for your recruitment process.

Candidate presentation also must meet new requirements. The more digitalisation becomes reality, the faster professional knowledge wears out. Therefore, soft and interpersonal skills are becoming increasingly important in aptitude analysis. When the number of skilled professionals on the job market is low, the need to recognize and exploit potential increases. riseDOSSIER covers both: the evaluation of professional skills and personality traits, without applying any schema or pattern. This is the basis for sound and future-proof staffing decisions.