riseINSIGHT: Emphasizing Workplace Benefits

Other than marketing-driven Employer Branding, riseINSIGHT  combines the direct touch approach with offering insights into everyday workplace life. Since 2015, riseINSIGHT has proven its value-add in attracting and inspiring candidates, resulting in a significantly higher hiring success rate. It has also proven to be helpful in establishing a Talent Pool or Talent Pipeline. This offer consists of three elements:

  • riseINSIGHT Data: Approximately 20 different workplace aspects, described from the employee perspective and presented in a PDF file format. 

  • riseINSIGHTWeb: A HTML webpage containing multimedia workplace information from an employee’s perspective: Videos, photos, interviews, job openings and a timeline are its major elements. 

  • riseINSIGHT Social:  riseINSIGHT Web content is published regularly through social media, focusing on a selective set of channels, depending on current and future hiring needs, supporting the idea of a Talent Pool / Talent Pipeline.