riseDOSSIER, a Different Kind of Confidential Candidate Report

With workplace environments becoming more and more digital, HR is facing new challenges. In a digital world, professional knowledge is becoming obsolete even faster, whereas the relevance of interpersonal and social skills increases significantly. Characteristics of high-profile candidates are changing accordigly. Therefore candidate profiles need to emphasize soft skills much more than in the past.  The impact of demographic change also is significant: With a constantly decreasing number of experts, exploring the potential of available professionals becomes crucial for filling positions in a reliable and timely manner. Outlining a candidate’s past success stories therefore no longer is sufficient. To enable hiring decisions in today’s tight job market, confidential reports need to provide evidence on a candidate’s potential .

riseDOSSIER: a smart alternative

That is why we developed riseDOSSIER: an newly shaped candidate profile, stressing  the individual’s professional potential and soft skills, without relying on a static evaluation grid. By this, we pay heed to the fact that humans are able to fully compensate weaknesses and shortcomings in one area by assets in another, sometimes even strikingly different area.

As there is not the one ideal match for a job opening, we wanted to provide a report format that leaves room for interpretation and analysis, providing a well-founded basis for decision-making at the same time. Traceability, comparability, a reasoned document structure and customer satisfaction were the quality metrics that have driven the development of riseDOSSIER.


riseDOSSIER: Customer Feedback

  • Lower bail-out rates
  • Shorter hiring project cycles 
  • Better candidate experiece