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Hiring made easy.
Your reputation makes a difference.


Workplaces are as unique as a fingerprint. Let applicants look behind the scenes!
A clear and authentic look at your workplace environment, enabling candidates to gain unprecedented access. riseINSIGHT unveils your workplaces’ uniqueness:
Razor-sharp employer profiles: our passion, your benefit. 



Your Direct Path

to Success  


Demographic Change?

No Worries.


When job ads no longer are paying off and Active Sourcing is not an option:  DirectSEARCH attracts and inspires high potentials in an efficient and effective manner.


This innovative tool manages the challenges of demographic change and digital revolution, paving the way for sustainable personnel recruitment.


Fits your Needs.




Make your decision.

No compromises.


Nobody knows better how to make hiring decisions that fit your company than you yourself. riseDOSSIER can do a lot for you: preparing your decision thoroughly, assessing skills and capabilities in a practical, accountable and systematic way.
Clear statements, no compromises.


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