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The wind of change is blowing hard on the job market. Demographic change is turning it upside down, with digitalization adding critical and new challenges.  
Despite these changes, methods from the 1990s still dominate the recruiting and job-seeking world. Take a look and learn about the alternative ways we offer here. Inspiring and motivating workplace “Sneak Previews”, compelling new methods for candidate research and presentation. See how authentic messages, personal interaction and multimedia communication transform ordinary recruiting into inspiring and motivating hiring activities. Hiring and job seeking made easy!

Rita Seidel,
rise Personalberatung

Customer Voices:

  • The candidate profiles that Ms Seidel provides present skill sets in a clear and comprehensible way, enabling us to hire the very first candidate for a rather challenging position. Besides that, we felt we were really well described in the riseINSIGHT employer profile – created by rise Personalberatung –  and this obviously convinced and worked out well! We are looking forward to our next hiring project with rise Personalberatung.

    Hanno Platz, Managing Director, GED mbH

  • Creating a “resumé title page” proved to be quite a lot of work. In preparing it, Ms Seidel pointed me in the right direction, helping me a lot with the feedback she provided. The result nearly blew my mind: Just one day after I had sent out my job application, I was invited for an interview. In his very first statement, the hiring manager said that my title page really caught his eye and convinced him. Well done – and straight after just one more interview I got hired for my dream job!!

    Yvonne Dropp, Candidate

  • Ms Seidel recognizes the special characteristics of her customers and candidates really well, presenting only ideally fitting candidates. In the course of our collaboration, we added programming tests to the candidate assessments, facilitating and optimizing the selection process. As a result, we hired four out of the five candidates that were   presented to us. Apart from all other advantages, rise also offers a very good price per hire.

    Christian Hopfmüller, Personnel Officer, MVTec GmbH

  • rise Personalberatung supports us in hiring the kind of employees that fit our teams from an interpersonal perspective and also provide the potential we like to nurture and develop.  Moreover, the rise Talent Pool provides timely solutions for our hiring needs. Working with rise means high-quality support with hiring and an excellent success rate!

    Stephan Müller, Executive Board Member and Partner, HW Partners AG


  • Our goal was to attract junior staff, endeavouring new approaches. With the help of Mrs. Seidel, a very candidate-oriented employer profile and a variety of activities were developed and implemented via social media channels.

    Throughout the process, Mrs. Seidel advised us in a very competent manner, providing many creative ideas and a very consistent implementation for fast visibility. We highly value her thorough analysis of our company’s employer brand and its matching with potential candidates and will continue relying on her expertise!

    Sabine Michael, Managing Director, Twinsoft GmbH & Co. KG


Hiring made easy.
Your reputation makes a difference.

Workplaces are as unique as a fingerprint. Let applicants look behind the scenes! A clear and authentic look at your workplace environment, enabling candidates to gain unprecedented access. riseINSIGHT unveils your workplaces’ uniqueness: Razor-sharp employer profiles: our passion, your benefit. 


Demographic Change?

No Worries.


When job ads no longer are paying off and Active Sourcing is not an option:  DirectSEARCH attracts and inspires high potentials in an efficient and effective manner.
This innovative tool manages the challenges of demographic change and digital revolution, paving the way for sustainable personnel recruitment.

Take your decision.
No compromises.

Nobody knows better how to make hiring decisions that fit your company than you yourself. riseDOSSIER can do a lot for you: preparing your decision thoroughly, assessing skills and capabilities in a practical, accountable and systematic way. Clear statements, no compromises.




Your Career?

Sure Thing.


Don’t want to buy a pig in a poke? No need for that anymore. Workplaces offer much more than you can see from the job ad.  Don’t make your decision without taking a look behind the curtain and seeing for yourself. Don’t leave anything to chance. We take care of the rest.


Your new job: Making it a perfect fit

Your career goals are set, you are clear where you are heading? Take a look at our job offers. No buzzwords, but plenty of information on workplaces, colleagues, backgrounds instead. For your career. For a sound decision.







Rock-solid support on your way up

No matter whether you are a job starter, a senior professional or re-entering after a career break: your next career step needs to be well prepared, trial and error is not an option. We are at your side. Together with you, we will identify your current situation as much as your career goals: rock-solid support on your way up.
Looking for support? Free inspirations and ideas are available in our blog. For individual support, just give us a call.

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