The Safe Path to Your Career

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One day or another, even the finest job ends up in the dull routine of everyday business. Keeping motivated and enthusiastic then becomes tough. Job performance has its ups and downs, that is just normal life. And yet success in business is everybody’s dream. In the right environment, success and performance become easy, promotion is right ahead. Just as an athlete’s performance depends on the right club, our goal is to support you choose the ideal workplace environment.


Career: Yes, for sure.

We believe that solely providing Job descriptions is not enough. That is why we present workplaces from an employee’s perspective. Our employer profiles let you look behind the scenes while you are still considering moving on. We introduce you to unprecedented workplace details, enabling a well-grounded career decision.

When you are interested in a particular position, just let us know. We will share the associated employer profile with you. Or you just have a look here.


Your New Job – Fitting Like a Glove

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Your job is actually all right, you are saying? Maybe a little too much routine, lacking some challenges here and there and somewhat trivial. But the colleagues are nice, lots of parking space, work and life are neatly balanced. Can one want more?

Yes, for sure! The desire for new, exciting challenges and development possibilities should not be a dream. But unfortunately, as an applicant, you hardly get to know anything about challenges and workaday life of the new job. As career is no playground, one wrong turn is just one too much. But as long as job openings hardly differ, taking a decision is hardly more than an educated guess. Can this be called a true choice? Is there no other way?


The alternative career path

Yes, there is a different option. We are making career easier. That’s why our jobs come along in writing and pictures. Get your employees’ glasses on and take a look behind the scenes. This is your alternative path to the workplace that fits you best, founding your career.

Just offering job vacancies is not our business. In a clear and vivid language, we describe tasks and requirements, embedded into workplace descriptions, omitting usual buzzwords. Anything still unclear? Just give us a call!

Career for Everybody

Karriere, Angebot für Jobsucher – For jobseekers en

Career development can be hard and tedious, sometimes the career simply is not progressing. Notwithstanding environment, age or education, sometimes doubts arise as to whether the right path has been taken. Even if you are not interested in one of our job openings, we are here to support.

Job start, career advancement and reorientation are very different challenges. But they have something in common: they are milestones for the future. Decisions, which need to be well thought-out. Why not get some experienced support?


Career Coaching

As coaches and HR consultants, we can help with our experience as your sparring partner. We are ready to support you in various ways:

As discussion partner in decision-making situations, we listen, outline alternatives, find the central theme of your career and support you in finding the best way forward.

Discovering one‘s unique  competencies and abilities is not an easy task. Phrasing them in a professional and application-friendly manner and preparing key messages for interviews may benefit from our experience and expertise.

We offer a combination of counselling and coaching: we answer your questions and support your problem-solving process where applicable. When objectives are unclear, coaching methods are the right way forward, enabling a well-founded decision.